Whimsical Socks from Bird Dog Bay

We’ve explored all the different fun sock subscriptions here on SockClubs.  One online sock store stands out as having top notch whimsical sock designs, and that sock site is Bird Dog Bay.  You can buy socks online at Bird Dog Bay from a handful of styles including whimsical socks and traditional socks. You can also subscribe to the Bird Dog Bay sock of the month club.

Bird Dog Bay has a large selection of themes for their sock designs.  Americana, Animals, Collegiate, Dogs, Equestrian, Golf socks, and many more.  They also have holiday socks for the upcoming seasons.

The Bird Dog Bay sock of the month club is a monthly sock subscription that costs $215. Each month, you get a new pair of socks for an entire year. Sign up for the Bird Dog Bay sock of the month club here and get free shipping on any order of over $100.



Coupon for The Sox Box

We’ve discussed The Sox Box in the past because its a simple online sock store where part of your purchase is contributed to charity. For the holidays, The Sox Box is offering 10% off all orders when you use the coupon code “SAVE10” at The Sox Box.

What can you buy at The Sox Box?

The Sox Box has a variety of sock styles that you can buy from their online sock website, including running socks, gym socks, ankle socks, knee socks, crew socks, and more.  You can also choose custom patterns such as holiday or patriotic sock patterns.

How does their Charity Donation work?

The mission of The Sox Box is to give 20% of all proceeds back to charity.  Their website lists a variety of charities that they contribute to, including veterans’ charities, healthcare research, education, and food & hunger prevention organizations.

What’s the coupon code for The Sox Box?

Use the coupon code “SAVE10” at checkout at get 10% off any order at The Sox Box.

Halloween sock patterns that will scare your friends socks off

Halloween is coming up and the costumes this year have the potential to be better than ever.  Masks, capes, fangs, and more will also make an appearance on Hallow’s Eve.

But you want some good halloween socks? Maybe socks to wear to work during the day, or wear when you are sitting at home serving the trick-or-treaters? Here is our list of Halloween sock patterns and styles we think you’ll love – but may scare the socks off of others:

Batman Cape Socks 

batman cape socks

Batman is one of the most famous superheroes of the modern era (did they have superheroes in the past?).  What looks better on your feet than a long pair of socks with the batman icon?  A long pair of socks with the batman icon and an attached cape!  Check these Batman Halloween Socks out at TrendyHalloween.com and save 15% on all their Halloween accessories.

Zombie Torn Leggings

zombie torn leggings

For the women looking to scare away their enemies, nothing says scary like a set of Zombie Torn Leggings.  When Zombies emerge from the grave (especially if they were buried in leggings), there is no question that their leggings will be all torn up just like this!  Check out these Zombie Torn Leggings at TrendyHalloween.com and save 15% on all their Halloween accessories.

Pirate Skull Striped Thigh Highs

Pirates out on the high seas make for a scary encounter for sailors and seafarers.  So seeing these leggings walking around on shore can scare the socks off anyone – especially if matched with the swashbuckling outfit of a full on pirate costume.  Check out these Pirate Skull Striped High Thighs at TrendyHalloween.com and save 15% on all their Halloween accessories.

4 popular sock of the month clubs

Based on all the press coverage that sock subscriptions are getting, its clear that the popularity of sock of the month clubs is on the rise.  It makes sense – buying socks is a routine hassle, especially since socks get lost at an alarmingly high rate – one sock per load of laundry ends up going missing.  Sock of the month clubs provide sock wearers (which is pretty much every human) an easy way to get new socks without thinking about it, and you can choose from white socks, dress socks, or fun sock subscriptions based on your style.

Here’s our list of 4 popular sock of the month clubs we suggest you try:

1. Sock Fancy

sock fancy sock of the month club
Sock Fancy is one of the most popular sock of the month clubs around.  They offer a monthly subscription for fun socks for both men and women. You can buy for yourself or as a gift, choose your size, select the number of pairs to receive each month, and opt for paying monthly or all upfront. Sock of the month club plans start at $11 per month. Click here to sign up for Sock Fancy.

2. Ozone Socks

Ozone Socks sock of the month club
Ozone socks is a sock of the month subscription site for both men and women.  Choose between their 6 month plan for $75 or 12 months for $150, select your gender, and each month receive a set of their latest designs to help freshen up your sock drawer and enhance your style. They have a variety of designs and styles to match your specific taste. Click here to sign up for Ozone Socks sock of the month club.

3. Root Bizzle Sock Subscription

Root Bizzle socks
Root Bizzle is a menswear subscription site that has both a sock of the month club and a tie of the month club. When you subscribe to their sock of the month club, you can pick your style (plain white, dress socks, or fun socks), and choose your size.  Pick your payment plan, sit back, and watch the new high quality socks come in monthly.  Click here to get a 25% off coupon code to Root Bizzle socks. 

4. SockPanda

sockpanda sock of the month club

SockPanda is a beautiful sock of the month club website that offers monthly sock plans for men, women, and kids too. Choose between “stylish & suave” or “daring & bold” styles (or get one of each), select the number of pairs of socks you want to receive each month (1 or 2), and choose your billing plan (as low as $10 per month).  The SockPanda sock of the month club has an easy signup process. Click here to subscribe to SockPanda. 


Hats and socks together – the perfect combination

If you already are subscribed to one of the best subscription sites for socks, it may be time to step up your game by purchasing a stylish hat from Hartford York.

Hartford York does carry accessories such as men’s socks, gloves, and fragrances.  But their flagship product is men’s hats. They carry a variety of brands, and have styles such as berets, fedoras, top hats, and more.

Men's Hats from Hartford York

Amp up your style with a men’s hat from Hartford York.

Colorful fashion socks at RenfroSocks

Fun colorful socks are all the rage these days.  RenfroSocks is a high quality online site where you can purchase a variety of well known sock brands that fit your fashion needs.  RenfroSocks carries both men’s and women’s fun socks, and they have brands such as Dr. Scholls, Carhartt, Fruit of the Loom, and more.

Are you looking for high quality fashion socks for both men and women? Check out RenfroSocks. 

Arco Sox is your source for compression socks

Everyone knows that wearing good shoes helps you maintain a healthier lifestyle – especially if you are on your feet all day.  Arco Sox takes this mantra one “step” further (pardon the pun) – they provide “Feetness” socks that help you extend the power of your feet.  The Arco Sox compression socks keep your feet dry, improve circulation, and reduce swelling, resulting in a more comfortable, healthy fit.

The Arco Sox website has categories of socks to choose from, including travel, industrial, medical, sport, and everyday use. And they carry a range of designs, from plain black or white socks, to funky colored fun socks.

Check out Arco Sox today for buying socks online and you can get free shipping on socks orders of $50 or more.

15% off code at The Sox Box for Halloween!

The Sox Box is featuring a special halloween sock promotion this year on any of their collections, including their men’s socks and funny socks.  You can use the coupon code SPOOKY between 10/22 and 10/31 to receive 15% off any sock order.

Click here to use the Sox Box coupon for Halloween.

* The code expires 10/31/15 at 11:59pm PST. Not valid on previous purchases, gift certificates, or when combined with other offers.