3 funny pictures of dogs and their socks

3 funny pictures of dogs and their socks

Without question, socks are helpful for humans for several reasons.  Socks help keep your feet warm.  Socks protect your feet from the discomfort that shoes can create.  And of course, socks add style to your wardrobe (especially when you have a fun sock subscription filling your sock drawer!).

One thing that may be news to you is how much dogs love socks! Yes, we never thought that dogs could be consumers of socks.  It just may not always be in the way you’d expect.  Here are 3 awesome images of dogs and their socks.

  1. Sock-to-mouth coordination:  Yes, this dog doesn’t waste his time with dog toys or bones, or digging in the yard.  Just catch socks in the mouth instead! And they taste so good!

Source: http://i.imgur.com/UMq1tJk.webm

2. Ice Melt: It was a rough winter! Let’s melt that ice off the deck…with socks! Your socks!

3. Real Dog Socks: That’s right – they do indeed make socks for dogs! 4 at a time (or 2 pairs?). Who is counting?!?

Source: Imgur.com (http://i.imgur.com/pluLlrK.jpg)

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  1. Dogs also need socks to keep their feet warm like human beings especially in winter. We can use our waste socks for our dogs which we don’t use. We can get two benefit through this. First one is that our dogs can safe from cold and the other is our useless socks can use in perfect way.

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