3 tips for matching socks to your outfit

Matching socks to your outfit can be a tricky problem for those with high style demands, different color shoes, different color pants or trousers, and a rotation of suit colors for both weddings and work.  Here are 3 tips for anyone trying to better match their socks with their outfit:

matching socks with your outfit

1. Your socks should match your trousers
Follow this as a rule of thumb. If you are wearing navy pants, wear navy socks. Black pants should be paired with black socks.  Adding in the shoe dynamic can make things tricky, but generally you should wear black shoes with black pants, and black or brown shoes can work well with navy pants.

2. Be careful with going too bold with your socks
A flashy pair of socks can really lighten up an otherwise dull outfit. However, if the rest of your outfit is very flashy (such as your necktie or belt), be careful going overboard with crazy sock patterns and colors. You can end up looking more goofy than stylish!

3. Precise matching can also be a no-no.
Socks and ties are two parts of an outfit that can come with flash. Increasingly, belts are popular in crazy colors. However, matching a pair of socks and belt and tie with the exact same pattern can look pre-programmed and not very stylish at all.

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What color socks should I wear with jeans?

Sock subscriptions are a fantastic option as a gift for someone who needs to upgrade their sock game.  However, jeans are a popular piece of attire, especially as workplaces become more casual and allow for jeans to be worn anytime.  Pairing socks and jeans can be a tricky endeavor, so here are our tips for what color socks to wear with jeans.

Socks and Jeans

1. Generally, you can pair your socks with your shoes.
If you are wearing jeans and black dress shoes, you can wear black dress socks. If you are wearing brown dress shoes, you can wear navy or black dress socks.  In both cases, its also acceptable to wear more stylish, fun patterned socks if matched correctly. However, you shouldn’t wear white socks and dress shoes, even if you are wearing jeans.

2. If you are wearing sneakers and jeans, go with white socks.
If you are sporting jeans and sneakers, the best look is to wear white athletic socks in most cases. This is a typical casual Saturday or “heading to the gym” outfit. Regardless of your sneaker color, you should be able to pull off this look without any issue if you are wearing jeans.

3. When wearing fun socks, don’t go overboard with the color
Colorful socks are a great way to spice up an otherwise dull outfit. However, don’t use them as an additional way to add color if that is already part of your outfit (for example, if you are wearing a shirt with lots of colors and patterns).  Jeans and colorful socks go well with a single-color shirt such as blue, white, tan, and more.

4. Understand what “type” of jeans you are wearing
Are you wearing your “nice” jeans that you wear to work or business meetings? Or are you wearing your 5 year old “weekend” jeans that are tattered and faded? If the latter, go with the look and wear white socks and worry less about the matching.  If you are wearing nice jeans, you should be also wearing dress shoes or sport shoes with a pair of dress socks or high quality patterned socks.

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How should a guy wear socks with shorts

We’ve talked before about the different sock lengths and how to choose the right size. One common question everyone has about socks is how to wear socks with shorts.  Here are a few tips for men who are sporting socks with shorts on a hot summer day.

Socks and Shorts

1. Fancy dress shoes, socks, and shorts don’t go well together
In fact, dress shoes and shorts don’t go well together, period.  If you are wearing dress shoes, you should be wearing pants along with a set of socks that are crew length or higher and match your trouser color.

2. When wearing socks, shorts should be cut above the knee
Nothing destroys style like low cut, baggy shorts and socks.  That’s so nineties! If you want to wear socks and shorts, wear your shorts above the knee and expose your knees.

3. Don’t go overboard with the patterns
Typically, its best to wear single color socks and patterned shorts, or patterned socks with single colored shorts.  But don’t wear both patterned shorts and patterned socks — that can be a style killer!

4. Socks should be ankle length or quarter length
Ankle length socks are about as short as you can get, barely exposing the sock or the pattern.  Quarter length socks are a few inches longer and allow the pattern of the sock to be more exposed. Go any longer than this, such as crew length or calf length, and you start to look goofy or like a soccer player.

5. Don’t scrunch your socks
If you are wearing socks and shorts, wear your socks fully extended for their full length — don’t roll them down or scrunch them.  This makes it look like you are wearing sweat bands around your ankles and destroys the look!

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3 Online guides to wearing men’s socks

One of the best parts of sock subscriptions are the different styles you get each month, allowing you to add variety to your sock drawer.  Many of these services provide tips for wearing their socks.  Here are a few of our favorite online guides to wearing men’s socks and ensuring your style is maximized.

Sock Styles for Men

  1. The Art of Manliness
    If you haven’t been to this site before, its a great general resource for men’s style tips, ranging from how to trim your beard to gift guides and more.  They also have a page dedicated to how to wear socks appropriately.  One of the best rules to wearing socks that they provide: Your socks should match your trousers.
  2. Real Men Real Style
    Real Men Real Style provides a modern guide to wearing the increasingly popular colorful socks.  Unlike dress socks, colorful socks present their own unique challenge for the average man. One tip they provide: be aware of the contrast levels between your shirt and socks.
  3. The Idle Man
    The Idle Man provides an in depth guide to styling your socks — ranging from the basic purpose of wearing socks (providing a cushion for your feet!) to the more nuanced sizing rules of socks.  Read their full guide here.

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4 Dress Sock styles you need to know

Socks are often a bland subject — they are just the material you wear between your feet and shoes to keep them warm and blister free!

Sock StylesIn recent years, Sock of the Month clubs have made sock wearing more of a sport, with a proliferation of fun sock subscriptions that add style to a formerly boring subject.  However, as you invest more and more in socks, its important to know the different types of sock styles that are available.

  1. Crew Length Socks
    Classic dress socks are usually Crew Length socks.  They rise 6-8 inches above your ankle and typically will cover any skin that emerges when your dress pants rise up slightly (such as when you are sitting down).  Crew Length socks are very popular and classic style for both men and women.
  2. Ankle Length Socks
    Ankle Length Socks are classic “no show” socks that display more of your ankle skin than socks.  These are often considered much ‘cooler’ as a style to pair with your low cut shoes. Its rare to find dress socks set as ankle length, because usually dress socks are worn with pants and the socks should rise higher on the leg to not expose skin.
  3. Calf Length Socks
    Calf Length Socks are exactly what they sound like — socks that extend up and above your calf.  Its rare for men to wear calf length socks (at least intentionally!), but women often wear calf length socks with a skirt or dress.
  4. Knee Length Socks
    One step above Calf Length Socks are Knee Length Socks, which extend another 6 inches or so and go above your knee.  Again, its extremely rare to find a man wearing socks this high, but women will often wear them when in a dress or skirt attire.

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