3 tips for matching socks to your outfit

3 tips for matching socks to your outfit

Matching socks to your outfit can be a tricky problem for those with high style demands, different color shoes, different color pants or trousers, and a rotation of suit colors for both weddings and work.  Here are 3 tips for anyone trying to better match their socks with their outfit:

matching socks with your outfit

1. Your socks should match your trousers
Follow this as a rule of thumb. If you are wearing navy pants, wear navy socks. Black pants should be paired with black socks.  Adding in the shoe dynamic can make things tricky, but generally you should wear black shoes with black pants, and black or brown shoes can work well with navy pants.

2. Be careful with going too bold with your socks
A flashy pair of socks can really lighten up an otherwise dull outfit. However, if the rest of your outfit is very flashy (such as your necktie or belt), be careful going overboard with crazy sock patterns and colors. You can end up looking more goofy than stylish!

3. Precise matching can also be a no-no.
Socks and ties are two parts of an outfit that can come with flash. Increasingly, belts are popular in crazy colors. However, matching a pair of socks and belt and tie with the exact same pattern can look pre-programmed and not very stylish at all.

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