When is it appropriate to wear white socks?

When is it appropriate to wear white socks?

As part of our sock style tips collection, one question we want to address is when to wear white socks. Dress socks and colorful socks are appropriate in many obvious occasions. But increasingly it feels like white socks are being marginalized and only appropriate when working out at the gym.  Is that the case? Here is our guide for when to wear white socks.

white socks

According to this Esquire article in February 2017, white socks are making a comeback. When are the best times to wear white socks?

  1. When you are wearing sneakers
    This is an obvious one — if you are at the gym, its appropriate to wear white socks with your sneakers. However, increasingly sneakers are becoming appropriate as an item to wear casually — most major shoe companies are releasing “nice” sneakers that can be worn to the office or out at a party. Wearing a clean set of white socks helps the sneakers stand out.
  2. When you are wearing light colored shoes
    Dress shoes have moved beyond the traditional black or brown dress shoe options.  More and more, white dress shoes or tan dress shoes are becoming viable options. Its ok to wear white socks in these scenarios, even if you are wearing shorts in most cases.
  3. If your white socks are actually white!
    Be mindful of the quality and cleanliness of your socks. If they are socks that have been worn for years while you are at the gym, they are likely tattered and should remain in your “gym only” collection. Or if they are white socks with random colors or logos on them, they might be perceived as goofy.  The best white socks are clean, high quality, and single color.

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