Should your socks match your necktie?

Should your socks match your necktie?

Although neckwear is becoming less common in today’s casual workplace environment, there is still a time and a place for wearing ties — such as a wedding, a funeral, or other formal event.  Neckties originated as a way for a man to add style to an otherwise bland suit outfit, and bowties have emerged as a popular trend as well.  There are even tie of the month clubs available to get a new tie each month.

Socks and Necktie

A common question is how to pair socks with a tie?  Here are some tips for pairing socks and ties together in your outfit.

1. Socks should generally match your pants or shoes
A rule of thumb is to wear socks that match the color of your pants. As a backup, you can also wear socks that match the color of your shoes.  Never wear white socks in a formal occasion, and don’t explicitly try to match your socks to your tie.

2. Your socks shouldn’t match your tie
If your sock color and pattern is an exact match to your tie color and pattern, it will get noticed — and not in a good way! It’s ok to wear patterned socks and ok to wear colorful ties, but if they are too closely connected, the outfit loses its style and looks too programmatic.

3. Don’t be goofy!
People will notice if you overthink it.  And people will notice if you went overboard with your entire outfit.  Keep it simple and clean. It’s ok to wear patterned socks and patterned ties, but if too closely coordinated it starts to look a little out of whack!

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