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4 Dress Sock styles you need to know

Socks are often a bland subject — they are just the material you wear between your feet and shoes to keep them warm and blister free!

Sock StylesIn recent years, Sock of the Month clubs have made sock wearing more of a sport, with a proliferation of fun sock subscriptions that add style to a formerly boring subject.  However, as you invest more and more in socks, its important to know the different types of sock styles that are available.

  1. Crew Length Socks
    Classic dress socks are usually Crew Length socks.  They rise 6-8 inches above your ankle and typically will cover any skin that emerges when your dress pants rise up slightly (such as when you are sitting down).  Crew Length socks are very popular and classic style for both men and women.
  2. Ankle Length Socks
    Ankle Length Socks are classic “no show” socks that display more of your ankle skin than socks.  These are often considered much ‘cooler’ as a style to pair with your low cut shoes. Its rare to find dress socks set as ankle length, because usually dress socks are worn with pants and the socks should rise higher on the leg to not expose skin.
  3. Calf Length Socks
    Calf Length Socks are exactly what they sound like — socks that extend up and above your calf.  Its rare for men to wear calf length socks (at least intentionally!), but women often wear calf length socks with a skirt or dress.
  4. Knee Length Socks
    One step above Calf Length Socks are Knee Length Socks, which extend another 6 inches or so and go above your knee.  Again, its extremely rare to find a man wearing socks this high, but women will often wear them when in a dress or skirt attire.

If you are looking for a great dress sock of the month club, we recommend looking at Ozone Socks for both men and women.

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Father’s Day Sock Subscriptions!


Father’s Day arrives every June, and the opportunity to get a creative gift for your Dad each year is both a blessing and a curse!  However, look no further than the gift of a sock subscription — a sock of the month club allows your father to keep his feet looking fresh each month with a new pair of socks.  Below are some of our favorite posts that provide great options for Father’s Day Sock of the Month Club Options!

Say It With a Sock has socks for Father’s Day, including Richer Poorer sock brand.

We compared Sock Fancy to Foot Cardigan — loved them both and depending on your father’s style, you can’t go wrong with either!  Sign up for Sock Fancy here.

We know Sock Panda makes a great Valentine’s Day gift… give Sock Panda a try for Father’s Day too!  Sock Panda is offering 10% off orders for Father’s Day through the end of June 2017 when you use the code “FATHER10”



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3 Tips for Buying Men’s Dress Socks Online

In order to help our reader on, we want to show how easy it is to buy dress socks on On Stance, you can find many kinds of dress socks or other products. Shopping on is easy since it has a good website interface. If you are still confused about how to shop or buy something online using, we will show you 3 tips for buying men’s dress socks online.

Dress Socks from Stance

1. Find a trusted site
Before you start to buy dress socks online, you have to make sure that the site is trusted. We see a lot of fake sites which sell the same product. And you also have to make sure that the product
s sold are the best and original product. 

2. Browse by category
Go to the
 homepage and view categories. The categories showed are Men’s, Women’s, and Kid’s socks. When you click the “Men’s” category, you’ll see casual, performance, and premium. socks. In order to find men’s dress socks, you need to choose the premium sock category. Then, you can find the word “dress” and click it.

3. Use the search functionality
An alternative to find men’s dress socks on is by using search button on the dashboard. You can just type “dress socks”, and it will lead you to the category page.
When you want to buy men’s dress socks, you should pay attention to quality, price, and color of the socks. Choose colors you will like. You can wear the socks for sports such as golf.

The socks will match to any kinds of suit. It depends on what color suits you wear. You can choose the socks based on height, fiber, pattern, and size. provides all the sizes. The socks are made of soft materials. not only provides men’s fashion socks, but also kids and women’s fashion socks. 

Men's Dress Sock Subscription online sock store Sock of the month clubs Sock Subscriptions has more than just subscription socks for men!

Last year, we covered, a site to get men’s subscription dress socks.  Their business has evolved significantly in the last year. now offers subscription socks, subscription men’s underwear, subscription t-shirts, and subscription dress shirts.

Men’s Underwear Subscription
The Men’s Underwear Subscription has a variety of options. You can choose boxers, boxer briefs, boxer shorts, or regular underwear, and pick from a set of colors such as white underwear, blue underwear, or black underwear.  You can also choose the material and size. Prices range between $14 and $25 depending on your selection and every four months you receive a new delivery.

Men’s T-Shirt Subscription
The BlackSocks Men’s T-Shirt Subscription also has a wide set of options to suit your needs. Choose Fine Ribbed or Stretch material, choose your size, color (white, blue, or black), and choose your cut (sleeveless, round, or v-neck).  Prices range from $290 – $30 and every four months you will get a new shirt at your doorstep.

Men’s Dress Shirt SubscriptioN
Lastly, the Blacksocks Dress Shirt Subscription for Men makes it easy to keep your dress shirt collection fresh. Choose white or blue color, choose your fit (slim or regular), and your shirt size.  Pricing is $83 per month for a two new shirts every four months.

Have you received product from BlackSocks before? What do you think?

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Arco Sox is your source for compression socks

Everyone knows that wearing good shoes helps you maintain a healthier lifestyle – especially if you are on your feet all day.  Arco Sox takes this mantra one “step” further (pardon the pun) – they provide “Feetness” socks that help you extend the power of your feet.  The Arco Sox compression socks keep your feet dry, improve circulation, and reduce swelling, resulting in a more comfortable, healthy fit.

The Arco Sox website has categories of socks to choose from, including travel, industrial, medical, sport, and everyday use. And they carry a range of designs, from plain black or white socks, to funky colored fun socks.

Check out Arco Sox today for buying socks online and you can get free shipping on socks orders of $50 or more.

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Soxfords has a sock of the month club for men and women

Soxfords is a super simple online sock store that carries both men’s and women’s professional themed socks.  In addition to purchasing individual pairs of socks, they also offer a sock of the month club where you can choose between single gift-boxed pair or 2 gift-boxed pairs delivered monthly, and choose between men’s or women’s style socks.

Check out Soxfords Sock of the month club here! 

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SockRush is black socks for men delivered monthly

Do you love black socks and wish you could get your black sock drawer replenished every month?  Check out SockRush, which is a subscription service for socks that delivers black socks to your door, each month. You can buy them for yourself or as a gift, choose the frequency, and then set it and forget it!

So if you love black socks, it’s time to get started with SockRush!

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Nusocks subscription socks

Nusocks is a sock subscription that carries its own brand of unique, comfortable dress socks and athletic socks. You can choose between white ankle socks, white crew socks, dress socks, black ankle socks, or black crew socks.  You then choose the number of pairs you want each month, and sign up and you can set it and forget it!

You can subscribe to the Nusocks sock of the month club here.

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BlackSocks Subscription Socks


The BlackSocks Sock Subscription makes it easy to receive the same high quality black socks each month. If you don’t like buying socks, but you constantly need socks, then look no farther than the Sock Subscriptions.  It’s the same socks every month – so your individual orphan socks can easily be paired up again.

How does it work? Choose your design and size and delivery interval, and then watch the magic happen on auto-pilot. has been in business for 15 years.

You can sign up for the BlackSocks Sock Subscription here.