Foot Cardigan

All posts related to Foot Cardigan – a fun sock brand that was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank.

Foot Cardigan vs Woven Pear: Best Sock Club for Women’s Fun Socks?

Sock subscriptions are a fantastic gift for friends, colleagues, and even family members. Some sock of the month clubs have a narrow audience focus, such as ...

Foot Cardigan vs. Ozone Socks: The best sock subscription?

A sock of the month club subscription is one of the best gifts you can buy for a friend, and also a simple personal solution for upgrading your sock ...

Foot Cardigan vs. Say it with a Sock: the best sock of the month club?

A sock of the month club subscription makes a great gift and also a nice personal add-on for anyone who needs an easy way to ensure their sock drawer stays up ...

Sock Fancy vs. Foot Cardigan: which is the best sock of the month club?

Sock Subscriptions are clearly one of the most popular ways to keep your sock drawer looking fresh on a monthly basis.  And of course, everyone loses socks all ...

Subscription Socks on Shark Tank

Foot Cardigan, one of the most popular sock of the month clubs, was able to get featured on Shark Tank Season 7, Episode 3. See the clip below to see the ...

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