Witch’s Garden Socks from Ozone Socks

Ozone Socks is a company we’ve discussed several times here on SockClubs.  We love them for their fun socks and dress socks, along with their option to buy socks or subscribe to their sock of the month club.

Ozone Socks Witch's Garden

One of the more fascinating sock design categories that Ozone offers is their Witch’s Garden collection. This sock category is popular and there are several patterns available within their Witch’s Garden sock collection.

What inspired Ozone Socks to release this collection of fun and mystical patterns?  According to their blog post that gives the story behind the designs:

 The botanical aficionados we are, the design team at Ozone was fascinated by the plants that played a large role in the folklore surrounding witchcraft.

Witch’s Garden sock collection includes Fairy Gloves Socks, Bioluminescent Spores Socks, Woody Nightshade Socks, Belladonna Socks, Morning Glory Socks, and Amanita Muscaria (Mushroom) Socks.




Wacky novelty socks for the holidays at Joy of Socks!

We’ve written about Joy of Socks before as a great online sock site for buying fun, crazy, and cool socks.  As the holidays come around, we thought an annual reminder about the available socks on Joy of Socks would be important!

Joy of Socks

What holidays should you wear some of the wacky and fun Joy of Sock patterned socks for?

October is Halloween Sock month.  Joy of Socks has several spooky designs to keep your feet scary this Halloween — including “Witch on a Broom” socks for Women, and “Halloween Batnado” socks for Men.

November is Thanksgiving Sock month. On the Joy of Socks website, you can find some trendy and patriot Thanksgiving socks including “Pilgrim Bear Socks” for women and “Turkey Party Fowl Socks” for men.

And December is Christmas Sock month.  Men’s designs include “Gingerbread Break a Leg” socks and for women there are “Christmas in July” Socks.

If you plan on having a boring holiday season, we definitely don’t recommend you buy socks from Joy of Socks.  But if you are looking for some fun and cool footwear, there is no better site than Joy of Socks!

Halloween sock patterns that will scare your friends socks off

Halloween is coming up and the costumes this year have the potential to be better than ever.  Masks, capes, fangs, and more will also make an appearance on Hallow’s Eve.

But you want some good halloween socks? Maybe socks to wear to work during the day, or wear when you are sitting at home serving the trick-or-treaters? Here is our list of Halloween sock patterns and styles we think you’ll love – but may scare the socks off of others:

Batman Cape Socks 

batman cape socks

Batman is one of the most famous superheroes of the modern era (did they have superheroes in the past?).  What looks better on your feet than a long pair of socks with the batman icon?  A long pair of socks with the batman icon and an attached cape!  Check these Batman Halloween Socks out at TrendyHalloween.com and save 15% on all their Halloween accessories.

Zombie Torn Leggings

zombie torn leggings

For the women looking to scare away their enemies, nothing says scary like a set of Zombie Torn Leggings.  When Zombies emerge from the grave (especially if they were buried in leggings), there is no question that their leggings will be all torn up just like this!  Check out these Zombie Torn Leggings at TrendyHalloween.com and save 15% on all their Halloween accessories.

Pirate Skull Striped Thigh Highs

Pirates out on the high seas make for a scary encounter for sailors and seafarers.  So seeing these leggings walking around on shore can scare the socks off anyone – especially if matched with the swashbuckling outfit of a full on pirate costume.  Check out these Pirate Skull Striped High Thighs at TrendyHalloween.com and save 15% on all their Halloween accessories.