5 fancy pairs of socks from Sock Fancy that we’ve seen people love

Sock Fancy is a sock subscription site that ships you a new pair of socks every month. We’ve previously listed Sock Fancy as one of the 4 most popular subscription sock clubs.  Over the holiday week, we’ve been combing instagram to find actual Sock Fancy customers showing off their new pairs.  And here’s our list of our 5 favorite fancy pairs of socks from Sock Fancy.

1. 3-D Blue and Black and White Men’s Dress Socks
This pair had tons of likes on Instagram, and we know why.  The classic colors for menswear are white, black, and blue.  Sock Fancy took this to a new level by combining the colors into a trippy, 3-D looking pair of socks that go great with your gray suit and black shoes.

2. Yellow and Orange Men’s Fun Socks 
Looking for something to add to your weekend wardrobe for color and flare? We loved this pair of socks for its ability to light up a dull brown set of pants.  These socks make it look like your feet are on fire.

3. Camo Fun Color Combo Socks
Camouflage can be a tough pattern to mix into your routine – especially if its traditional camouflage colors of green and black. However, Sock Fancy has twisted the traditional Camo Blend with a pair of Camo Fun Socks that are blue, red, white, and black – which make any ordinary shoes really stick out.

4. Fun Holiday Socks
Sweaters are infamous for making appearances at Ugly Sweater Parties.  But now you can bring your sock game to your holiday party as well. We loved these holiday themed socks from Sock Fancy.

5. Summer Beach Socks
Who said you can’t wear socks on the beach? Sock Fancy has got you covered with this design.  You can imagine the nice pairing of a Hawaiian shirt, walking around in the sand… or not. But, kick your feet up, grab a cold one, and enjoy the view of these cool beach socks.

Have you gotten a pair from Sock Fancy and what do you think? Share your thoughts below.


4 popular sock of the month clubs

Based on all the press coverage that sock subscriptions are getting, its clear that the popularity of sock of the month clubs is on the rise.  It makes sense – buying socks is a routine hassle, especially since socks get lost at an alarmingly high rate – one sock per load of laundry ends up going missing.  Sock of the month clubs provide sock wearers (which is pretty much every human) an easy way to get new socks without thinking about it, and you can choose from white socks, dress socks, or fun sock subscriptions based on your style.

Here’s our list of 4 popular sock of the month clubs we suggest you try:

1. Sock Fancy

sock fancy sock of the month club
Sock Fancy is one of the most popular sock of the month clubs around.  They offer a monthly subscription for fun socks for both men and women. You can buy for yourself or as a gift, choose your size, select the number of pairs to receive each month, and opt for paying monthly or all upfront. Sock of the month club plans start at $11 per month. Click here to sign up for Sock Fancy.

2. Ozone Socks

Ozone Socks sock of the month club
Ozone socks is a sock of the month subscription site for both men and women.  Choose between their 6 month plan for $75 or 12 months for $150, select your gender, and each month receive a set of their latest designs to help freshen up your sock drawer and enhance your style. They have a variety of designs and styles to match your specific taste. Click here to sign up for Ozone Socks sock of the month club.

3. Root Bizzle Sock Subscription

Root Bizzle socks
Root Bizzle is a menswear subscription site that has both a sock of the month club and a tie of the month club. When you subscribe to their sock of the month club, you can pick your style (plain white, dress socks, or fun socks), and choose your size.  Pick your payment plan, sit back, and watch the new high quality socks come in monthly.  Click here to get a 25% off coupon code to Root Bizzle socks. 

4. SockPanda

sockpanda sock of the month club

SockPanda is a beautiful sock of the month club website that offers monthly sock plans for men, women, and kids too. Choose between “stylish & suave” or “daring & bold” styles (or get one of each), select the number of pairs of socks you want to receive each month (1 or 2), and choose your billing plan (as low as $10 per month).  The SockPanda sock of the month club has an easy signup process. Click here to subscribe to SockPanda.