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Woven Pear sock reviews from around the web!

We've written several times about Woven Pear, which is a great sock store for women that features fun socks that you can buy as individual pairs, or you can ...

Foot Cardigan vs Woven Pear: Best Sock Club for Women’s Fun Socks?

Sock subscriptions are a fantastic gift for friends, colleagues, and even family members. Some sock of the month clubs have a narrow audience focus, such as ...

Say it with a Sock vs. Woven Pear: Best Subscription Socks for Women?

We've discussed sock of the month club subscriptions as a great option for gifts for friends, family, and colleagues.  Sock clubs are also a boost to ...

Woven Pear Coupons, Promo Codes, and Deals

Woven Pear is a newer sock subscription on the market.  The Woven Pear Sock Box is specifically designed as a sock of the month club featuring socks for ...

Buy fun women’s socks online at Woven Pear!

Woven Pear is a new entrant to the online sock business -- and we love what they have to offer.  Focused exclusively on fun socks for women, Woven Pear is your ...

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